Cheese Making Workshops

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Make your own delicious soft (i.e. Brie, Cambozola) or hard (i.e. Gouda, Edam, Asiago, Bergkaese, Tilsit, Butterkaese, Harvarti) cheeses. Other cheeses are also possible, just let us know.

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Stay at our lovely B&B for the weekend and you will have time to make a greater variety of cheeses while still being able to explore what Nanton has to offer. Also learn and make flavoured Ricotta cheese (like Boursin) with your leftover whey from the cheese you made.

Making cheese is surprisingly easy and is typically more waiting than actually doing. This leaves lots of time for instruction, answering questions and socializing. While making the cheese, enjoy some of my homemade cheeses with complementary craft beer tasting.

Ingredients and difficult to get equipment are available for purchase from me as kits, while some basic kitchen equipment you will need to bring from home to help you make and transport your cheese home.

What the cheese making kits contain:

Each workshop needs specialized equipment and ingredients that I will provide at cost for you to make the cheese. Both the soft and pressed/hard cheese require somewhat different equipment and need to be bought separately for each workshop (see below), while the ingredients (cultures etc.) only need to be bought once as they are the same for each workshop.

What you need to bring:

  • Large cooking pot (minimum 6-8 L or 1.5-2 gallon) with lid
  • Picnic cooler (large enough to hold your pot)
  • Baking cooling rack at least 15 cm x 25 cm (6″ x 10″) but if possible, small enough to fit into your cooler (I have a few to borrow)
  • Thermometer (preferably digital)
  • 1/4 tsp and 1/8 tsp (dash) measuring spoons (2 smallest ones)
  • Long handled holed or slotted ladle (the wider the better to stir and fill cheese forms with curd)
  • Long bladed (bread) knife is a must and large balloon whisk (optional for hard cheese) for cutting the curd
  • Colander to drain off the whey
  • One 4 L milk jug (skim or 1% only) and 1/2 L whipping cream (35%) for EACH workshop (For both workshops you need 2 x 4 L jugs and 1 L of whipping cream). If you have access to non-homogenized milk, then whole milk (3-4%) is fine and no cream is needed


For those taking both workshops, lunch is included.

Saturday morning: 9:30 – 11:30 am – Workshop 1

Beginner course that has you making your own soft (Brie) cheese (2 x 10 cm or 4″ rounds). This course teaches you how to prepare and heat your milk, add cultures and rennet before cutting your curd and filling your Brie cheese moulds. This workshop is recommended to give you the experience to prepare you for the intermediate (pressed or hard) cheese workshop in the afternoon

  • Beginner workshop cost: $30
  • Soft cheese making specialty equipment consisting of 2 cheese moulds, curing box, mat and drying tray: $20
  • Cheese making ingredients including cultures, rennet and Calcium Chloride (CaCl), enough for 20 or more cheeses used for both beginner and intermediate workshops: $35.

Saturday afternoon: 1:30-5:30 pm – Workshop 2

Changing Seasons Bed and Breakfast cheese tasting

Intermediate course that has you making your own pressed cheese (1 x 500 g round). Choice of Gouda or Bergkase/Mountain cheese. The time posted is considered the minimum time needed depending on the cheese type chosen. This course repeats the same steps covered in the morning course except that after cutting the curd, we will continue warming and stirring the curd until it shrinks to pea sized pieces before we press it. Time, temperatures and pressing pressures depend on cheese type chosen, but the steps are essentially the same.

  • Intermediate workshop cost: $40 
  • Pressed (hard) cheese making specialty equipment: $20 (1 hard cheese mould, cheese press, curing box, tray, drying mats, cheese cloth with instructions)
  • Cheese making ingredients: no charge as these are the same ingredients used in the beginner (Brie) workshop. For those who are just attending this workshop, it is assumed you have already taken the Brie workshop so please bring the mesophilic culture, rennet and CaCl you bought at the Brie workshop.

During and after workshops – Cheese and beer tasting

Feel free to enjoy craft beer and cheese both during and after the workshop times as the cheeses may still need the odd bit of attention such as turning Brie’s and pressed cheeses. 

At the end of the workshops, we will be making the 20% brine to place your cheeses in. Once this has been achieved, people are free to relax or depart as meets their needs.

There will be plenty of time to socialize and enjoy a sauna for those interested.


For those from out of town, we have double rooms available (with 1 queen bed and attached bathroom).

  • Weekend special (Friday & Saturday nights) double occupancy ($200 + tax for both nights) including breakfast
  • Weekend special (Friday & Saturday nights) single occupancy ($160 + tax for both nights) including breakfast
  • Double occupancy for one night ($120) including breakfast
  • Single occupancy for one night ($90) including breakfast


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